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Business solution to local Ship Agents.

As a marine service provider, Vigilant Marine Services lives nothing done. We can provide comprehensive operation support to your agency us you concetrate most to other matters regarding to calling vessel. As part of your operation team: We can provide following services to your agency in Mombasa port:


Tally Services.

Usually, the only way to determine quantity of piece goods is tally of cargo while discharging or loading. We have staff of tallymen who performs professional Cargo Tally of all types of cargo. In the process of Cargo Tally we provide our client or his representative (chief officer of vessel, supercargo,ship agent) with daily reports, which contains quantitative data, weight, and brief qualitative description of the cargo. On completion of cargo operations we issue Final Tally Statement and Tally Report. 


Our cargo tally inspectors (tally division) perform a number of activities, based on your needs:

  • - Conduct cargo tallies during loading and unloading to assure all parties that the quantity specifications and features are as outlined in the documentation.

  • - Check packing, marking and labeling.

  • - Monitor product marking and packing details to confirm that the material is shipped in suitable packaging.

  • - Confirm manufacture dates, batch numbers, expiry dates, shipping marks and packing lists, supplier certificates and labels.




























Husbandry Agency Services

We can provide assistance for services like: 

  • Vessel boarding for arrival and departure reports.

  • Crew change handling;-Arrange all onsigning formalities in Kenya from Airport,transport,hotel booking,Port passes to the ship.

  • Quarantine/Customs/Immigration/Port state control transport needs

  • Mail delivery

  • Ship provison supply/arrangements etc.


Other port services we can offer include:

  • Garbage removal

  • Safari tours for the crew members

  • Land side transport for to shopping malls/hotel/agent office/mission to seamen offices/duty free shop/travel agents/doctor/Authorities offices etc.

  • Cargo Lashing-We at Vigilant Marine Services understand that improper cargo lashing and failure to adhere to the procedures required for cargo stowage on ships is dangerous to property, life and environment at sea. When the ship sails out to sea, it encounters external forces which result in to six forms of motions acting on the ship. These motions are a threat especially for those ships which require cargo lashing and securing it on the open deck. If the storage of cargo is not secure enough then there is no escape from the behavior of the seas and the wind once they show their rage. This in result takes a toll on the loaded cargo, causing damage to other cargo in the vicinity or to the vessel’s structures and fittings and even throwing the cargo overboard.


See in pictures below:

















Some of the service we offer as cargo Surveyors are:

1>Inspection of damaged cargo.
2>Pre-shipment surveys.
3>Packing/loading survey
4>Discharge Surveys
5>Warehouse Surveys/Risk assessments 

6>Cargo tally

7>Fumigation services.

8. Cargo claims and Loss Adjusting etc.

Vigilant as Marine Cargo Surveyors   

Vigilant Marine Services Ltd.
 Cargo Marine Surveyors/Loss Adjusters/Transport & Customs Commission Agents

 Cost effective. Fast. Reliable. Agent/Business partner of choice in Kenya

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